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Instagram Beta Testing

Instagram beta testing is also known as the instagram android beta program. The android beta testing program allows people who use instagram on android early access to upcoming versions of Instagram. By joining the program you get to give feedback and help impborve instagram and the new features they roll out. The instgram beta program is still in development and the app does have issues and is updated frequently.You can sign up here

Local Business Profile Pages

Instagram is looking at a new way to show local businesses with in-app profile pages to what i think is similar to google my business pages. The word first broke when Raj Nijjer shared these images on Twitter.

These images show you the business adress, contact information, hours, and website and a link to their instagram page. According to The search engine journal When a user searches for the location of the businesses users are able to tap on a button that says to view information.

This feature is not offically out yet but we are extreamly excited to see that this is a possibility and something Instagram is testing out

Indepth Hasthtag Analytics

Instagram is looking at rolling out more indepth analytics for your hashtags! Instead of just showing you your impressions from home, hashtags, ect, They will be showing you impressions from your hashtags!

Showing indepth hashtag analytics will be helpful for many people so you know exactly which ones are preforming well rather than just guessing and trying to scoll through each one individually